Thursday, February 26, 2015

Novel release date

Hello one and all!

I bring very exciting news!

Legend of the Seven : Skull Reich - will be published WORLDWIDE (across several platforms) in September 9th, 2015 at 1 pm MST.

Are you ready???
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

1 : 30 : Wave's Hope?

"We have a leak, a very high-ranking one." The Specialist said. He was safely back on board the SR-MC Colossus, which flew stealthily over the boarding school. Shadow, head of weaponry and technology of Skull Reich, met the Specialist at the interior hangar deck.

"As I feared." Shadow said. "And the target?"


"This is a huge wrench in our plans."

"Are my weapons ready yet?"

"Very soon. These Angels have become too meddlesome."


"What happened?" Phoenix asked. The entire team had been recalled, arriving beside Solomon in a matter of seconds.

"Enemy fire through the walls. He is losing too much blood." Basil said, clutching Solomon tight. "I failed my mission."

"I am sorry Basil." Solomon said. The room was moody, depression spread across everyone's faces.

"At this rate, he should already be dead." Wave said.

"But the necklace..." Quake said.

"Say nothing else." Phoenix interrupted mentally.

"Yes chief." Quake responded.

"Tanai, what is your analysis"Phoenix asked.

"Special Agent Quake is right, the necklace is keeping the boy alive but it is a losing battle.” Tanai responded.

Options?” Phoenix asked.

Even if there was one, he has a very high probability of losing future use of his limbs. He is beyond medical assistance. I am sorry.” Tanai responded.

“There is nothing we can do. I am sorry.” Phoenix said, his hand on the shoulder of Basil.

Wave stared at Solomon. She watched as life was slowly drained from him and he grew paler. She hated watching death come, she hated being powerless to stop it.

You can save him.” A voice said within Wave.

Who are you?” Wave asked.


What? That isn’t helpful.

Trust me. Feel the moon.

And what?

Breathe deeply.

Wave closed her eyes. She slowed her breaths, breathing in deeply and out again. She felt the continuous pull and push of the full moon on the bodies of water all around her. Her in breaths became the rhythm of the pull and her out breaths was the rhythm of the push. Yin and Yang. The rhyme of the life.

“I can help.” Wave said. Her voice was different. Sweeter, almost melodic.

“Special Agent Wave?” Phoenix asked, a quizzed look on his face.

“Trust me.” Wave said. She moved gracefully towards the barely living body of Solomon. Her eyes glowed a bright ambient blue. Her body radiated pure energy, attracting nearby water to shroud her.

Wave arrived beside Solomon. Slowly, she knelt down by his side. Her hands glowed brightly as she placed them on Solomon’s forehead and bleeding chest. Softly, Wave sang in a language never before heard. She seemed to hum, summoning energies of the cosmos. Water spread all over Solomon’s body. It covered every wound, every scar, every source of pain, every inch of his body. Some spread to Basil as well, covering signs of injury on his body. Basil seemed almost drone-like but at peace as he held Solomon in his arms while Wave worked her magic.

All the while, the room was astounded as to what was transpiring.

“Is this common?” Alfred asked.

“No.” Phoenix said.

“What is she doing?” Ben asked.

“Helping.” Phoenix said. I hope.

Wave, what is happening?”Phoenix asked.

I am unable to reach her.” Tanai said. “A being seems to have taken over. Just like what happened to you in your battle against Avenger.

Indeed.” Phoenix responded.

The glowing and soothing music ceased suddenly. All participating parties were awakened from their trance-like state. Basil was the first to react. He was in a silent state of shock but quickly regained his composure as he looked at Solomon, who was silent in his arms.

“That was… bizarre.” Basil said. “I feel so… light.”

Next to react was Solomon, his eyelids fluttered open in quick shock. He squeezed at Basil in panic.

“Take it easy, you were shot.” Basil said.

“I don’t feel any pain.” Solomon said. Around his neck the necklace hung, covered in blood but the wound which caused the blood was not to be seen.

“The injury... it is gone.” Basil said in astonishment.

“What?” Charlotte asked.

“Look.” Basil said. He turned Solomon to face the room. The wound that had nearly taken his life was no more.

“How is that possible?” Aviator asked.

“Ask her.” Basil said.

The room focused on the figure of Wave, kneeling on the floor. Her eyes and body was still glowing. Wave tilted her head backwards, opened her mouth in a gasp-like expression. Vapor rose from her mouth and disappeared into the air. She closed her mouth and eyes, the glowing stopped.

“Wave? Can you hear us?” Quake asked. He was right by her side.

Wave opened her eyes, looked around the room. “What are you all staring-” She collapsed before finishing her question. Quake caught her before she hit the ground.

“Wave!” Quake shouted. Wave lay in his arms, unconscious.

 - Battle of questions shall flow -