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1 : 29 : Study session?

“Easy cub.” Phoenix said as he lifted up the trapdoor.

The room was dark, a lit by the clash of gunfire on Smith’s hardlight shield. Dozens of armed gun men shot into the darkened hall completely unaware of its inhabitants. Six teenage demigods stood in the midst of the chaos.

“Is that…” Alfred said, gun still pointed as Phoenix came down.

“Special Agent Phoenix. Extraction team.” Phoenix said. He stood there, red glasses over his eyes hiding his emotions which were of joy at seeing one of his favorite agents.

“Of course.” Alfred said as he lowered his weapon. Still unsure. He was expecting Fire, a much older man. The man who trained him. Instead he got a young lad in a leather outfit.

“You are a special agent?” Basil asked. Gun still pointed at Phoenix.

“That won’t hurt me, I assure you.” Phoenix responded.

“Really?” Basil asked and raised the nozzle of the gun. “What if I aim for your face?”

“I am part of the Angels.” Phoenix said. He lit up his hands, bathing them in golden ember.

“Woah.” Everyone said.

“We are your extraction team.” Phoenix responded.

“I heard about you guys, saving the world and stuff.” Solomon said with a hint of wonder.

“We need to move.” Phoenix said. “Where’s the rest of your team?”

“Safe zones. I can show you the way.” Alfred said.

“We are just gonna leave?” Solomon asked in distraught.

“This is a rescue.” Phoenix responded.

“There are people out there in danger because of me. Please help them. You have super powers, use them.” Solomon begged.

Neutralize the gunmen.” Phoenix said mentally.

Already done chief.” Erik responded mentally. He and smith were hovering over a battlefield. Civilians laid on their bellies and hands on their heads whilst the bad guys were out cold.

“It is safe now everyone.” Erik said aloud. Slowly, faces stirred upwards. The boys rose slowly, amazed at the happenings that had just occurred. To be saved by such powerful beings from near death.

“Is anyone hurt?” Smith asked. Everyone was too stunned to respond.

“Head back to your beds.” Erik said. Everyone obeyed and went back inside.

Back at the bunker.

“Let’s head out.” Phoenix said. He ascended up the ladder and through the trapdoor. He was followed by Alfred, Solomon and Basil.

“My team.” Phoenix said. Three figures stood a bit back from the trapdoor, joined quickly by Erik and Smith.

“I am Special Agent Quake.” Erik said. They were given new code names to reveal to the public.

“Special Agent Spectrum.” Smith said.

“Special Agent Aviator.” Shawn said.

“Special Agent Shade.” Kaori said.

“Special Agent Wave.” Chloe said.

“Wow.” Solomon said.

“Are you here under orders from the US government?” Basil asked.

“Not really.” Quake responded with a smile.

“Oh…” Basil said.

“All will be explained in due time. We need a place to strategize.” Phoenix said.

“Got it. There’s a building in front of the entrance to this school. Ben is there, second floor.” Alfred said.

“I have a location.” Quake said. “Sending it to Kaori.

“Got it.” Shade said.

“We’d better leave, we are gathering a crowd.” Aviator said.

“Then we should go as well.” Basil said.

“The boy comes with us.” Phoenix said.

“Then I will come as well. Where he goes, I go.” Basil said.

“Shade.” Phoenix said. The entire group was shrouded in darkness and vanished in an instant. Poof. Astounding the entire room of young onlookers.

“Woah.” Ben said. Suddenly, the shadows had taken solid shape and formed nine figures.

“What just happened?” Solomon asked.

“Teleportation.” Shade responded.

“Neat trick.” Ben said.

Meanwhile, across the school in the classroom area.

“Sir. We lost contact with our team in the Senior boys’ dormitory.” A man said. His face was hooded but his accent was thick of the local region.

“How long ago?” The Specialist asked.

“Ten minutes.”

The Specialist went to the window, pulled out his binoculars and pointed in the direction of the Senior boys dorm. Sure enough, the men were down.

“Peculiar.” The Specialist said. “I want the other teams to hurry up. We are compromised.”

“What should we do?”

“Search for the target. I want what’s on his neck.”

Back to the team.

“So they’ve got teams in the girls’ dorm, junior boys’ dorm and teachers’ compound. There are some others scattered about but they are in pairs and on patrol.” Ben said. He was showing the camera feeds he had planted around the school.

“Any casualties?” Alfred asked.

“I don’t have total coverage over the school. However, the guard station was shot to shreds. There are some wounded in other parts of the school as well.” Ben responded.

“How many assailants?” Phoenix asked.

“Numbering about fifty, plus the men you guys took down. Which was sweet FYI.” Ben said.

“All this because of me.” Solomon said.

“It isn’t your fault Solomon.” Basil said.

“Yes it is. These people wanted me and they killed others to get to me. And I don’t know why they even want me.” Solomon said. His posture was that of defeat and shame.

“Listen.” Wave said. She placed her hand on Solomon’s shoulder. “Sometimes bad things happen. If you have enemies for being who you are, that is fine. Don’t hate yourself.”

“Have you contacted local authorities?” Basil asked.

“They will be awhile…” Ben said.

“Here’s the plan. Spectrum and I will take the teachers’ compound. Shade and Wave will take girls’ dorms. Quake and Aviator will handle junior boy’s dorm. Take out any combatants on your way to your zone.” Phoenix said.

“What about us?” Alfred asked.

“You and Ben watch out for Basil and Solomon. We will retrieve Charlotte as well.” Phoenix said. Alfred was perplexed. Could this really be Fire?

“Move out.” Phoenix said. The team parted ways to their various destinations.

Wave and Shade were sprinting down a pathway towards the girls’ dormitory.

“Boarding school, all of them look the same.” Wave said as she dashed down the pathway. Bullets erupted around the pair but they surged ahead, taking out the opponents without worry.

“It’s a full moon, pretty.” Wave said.

Shade was silent as always. Her movements blended perfectly in the night. Shadows casted by the rays of the full moon aided her ever deadly movements.

In no time, the ladies reached their mark and began their calculated deadly assault.

The girls’ dormitory was a four floored building, the tallest in the school. There was an empty space in the center of it all. There, all the girls and their matron were gathered. They were surrounded by nearly two dozen men at all floors, with their guns pointing downwards.

“You will all fetch handsomely in the Black market.” One man shouted. A veil shrouded his face. He held an AK-47 over his head. He stood at the center of crying girls.

“Your fathers will have to buy you all back.” He shouted. “If you resist, I will let men do what they really want and you really fear. No more purity.”

On the roof of the building, the pair of ladies watched anxiously.

“I hate guys like him.” Wave said. “He needs a castration.”

“I will take the guys on the other floors. You take care of the ones down.” Shade said. She pulled out her blade.

Shade was off, disappearing into the dark of night. She left Wave on top of the roof. Wave rose slowly, her blonde hair reflecting the moonlight.

Feel the moon.” A voice said within Wave.

Who’s there?” Wave said.

Feel the moon.” The voice responded. Wave closed her eyes. She felt the surrounding bodies of water all round her. She felt the moon’s gravity pushing and pulling the water. She tapped into the moon’s current, as she did so her eyes glowed blue for a moment and stopped but she was unaware. Using the moon’s current, she willed the water to gather above the hostages. Eyes opened, she smiled and jumped into the center of the building, then let the water fall down. She quickly altered the state of the water to that of jelly.

Wave landed on soft jelly. The jelly had enshrouded everyone, both hostages and their captors.

“Hello Loves. I am Special Agent Wave.” Wave said. “I am one of the Angels.”

The faces of the captors showed immediate dread in contrast to the kneeling women who were filled with smiles.

Wave melted the jelly surrounding the hostages whilst she turned the jelly surrounding the assailants to ice.

“You’ll be alright you lot. Head back to your rooms, we are still securing the school.” Wave said. The crowd dispersed.

“As for you lot. Not your lucky day. Ever seen a pretty girl mad?” Wave asked her prisoners.

“What do you want you white bitch!” A man shouted.

“Language please. I am a lady you brute.” Wave said. Shade manifested by her side.

“Done.” Shade said.

“One last thing.” Wave said. All at once, the prisoners cried out in pain.

“Can’t rape if you willy isn’t functional.” Wave said with a smile.

Meanwhile, back in the classroom area.

“Our other teams are all down sir. Most of my men are either dead or captured.” A man said.

“And my target isn’t with me. Why is that?” The Specialist asked.

Just then, a man rushed into the classroom. He was out of breath and sweating seriously. He started speaking in a rushed local dialect.

“It is very bed.” The other man said to the Specialist.

“What happened?” The Specialist asked.

“The Angels are here.” The other man responded.

The Specialist had not anticipated this. This was not supposed to happen.

“Get my weapon.” The Specialist said.

Back to the others.

The other teams had accomplished their missions as well. Phoenix and Spectrum had taken down nearly two dozen men in the teachers’ dorm. Quake and Aviator had saved the junior boys from their captors. All was progressing as well.

“Ben. What’s going on?” Charlotte asked into her smartwatch. She was in her hideout, safe and sound. She had heard celebrations occurring, which confused her.

“The Angels are here and they are kicking butt.” Ben said. He activated the hologram, showing Charlotte inside a bunker.

“Good. How did that happen?” Charlotte asked.

“Not a clue. They were supposed to retrieve you.” Ben said.

“I will come out of hiding then.” Charlotte said.

“See you soon.” Ben said and ended the call.

“So, is it over?” Solomon asked.

“From what I am seeing, yes.” Ben responded.

“But?” Alfred asked.

“Cell phone signals are still not back up. These guys have a hub somewhere. I am running a trace to determine where the cell phone blocker is located.” Ben said. “Got it, it’s over at the Classrooms block.”

“What?” Alfred asked.

“Whatever is blocking the cell phone signal, it’s at the classroom area.” Ben said.

“Tell the Angels. I will go across the hall and check out the place with my binoculars.” Alfred said.

“Aight.” Ben said.

“Finally. This can all be over and you will be with your father, safe and sound.” Basil said to Solomon.

“I just want to go home.” Solomon said.

Just then, Alfred ran back into the room. “Two men are heading our way. They look pissed.” He said.

“I will tell the Angels.” Ben said.

“Basil, stay with the boy. I will head the insurgents off down stairs.” Alfred said. He cocked his gun and left the room.

Meanwhile, in the classroom.

“The Angels are here and I am unprepared.” The Specialist said into his headset. A little chatter. “Understood.” The Specialist responded.

He aimed his rifle at the building across. It was where Solomon was hiding.

“My mission is terminated, and so are you.” The Specialist said.

Through his scope, he saw a unique heat signature. The unique heat signature was the necklace hung around Solomon’s necklace. The target was behind three walls. Not a problem.

The Specialist took aim, and fired his laser cannon four times in rapid succession. He touched his ear and said “Go for evac.” He was swiftly teleported at supersonic speeds to a waiting craft.

“NO!” Basil shouted. He dropped his gun and ran to Solomon. Solomon was bleeding out through the hole at the center of his chest. Blood gushed like a fountain out of the place where his necklace hung. The necklace had stopped the blast from passing all the way through his body.

“What bloody happened?” Ben said.

“Get help.” Basil said as he cuddled the body of Solomon.

“It hurts so much.” Solomon said in a whisper.

“Don’t die. You can still be saved. Just hang on.” Basil said.

“To all channels. We have a situation. Solomon is down. Solomon is down.” Ben said into his smartwatch.

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