Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1 : 28 : Class clash?

24 hours earlier…

“We have a lead.” The underling said. She was another nameless worker drone under the direct employ of Shadow, weapon master of Skull Reich. The crew of SR-MC Colossus,

“Show me.” Shadow responded. He sat on a technological throne, in the midst of hundreds of hovering holograms. The largest one took up space right in front of Shadow. It was a map with very specific co-ordinates marked as a red “X”.

“Intelligence Officer confirms with a 95% confidence.” Andrew, the first mate said.

“I want a 100%.” Shadow said. He stared at the map in glee. “What’s in that area?”

“A boarding school for the country’s rich Sir.”

“The Obsidian crystal is under that school?”

“No. The key is on a target.”

“It will be a matter of getting the key and back-tracing the signal…” Shadow said. He placed his hand on his freshly shaven chin. “What are our local assets?”

“Major Henry Edgar and his forces. They could tunnel in and grab the target.”

“Who's the target?”

“A young boy by the name of Solomon Godwin. He wears the key around his neck.”

“Intriguing. We can’t risk this being tracked to us. The Angels have been disrupting our operations worldwide, can’t have them on our trail on this particular matter. What are our other options?”

“Well Sir, there is a local terrorist group we have been funding. Perhaps…”

“I see. Give them a call. Tell them I want the boy and in return, they will get new toys.”

“At once Sir.”

“Send the Specialist to them.”

“Yes Sir.”

Shadow cozied into his throne. After lavishing at the West African coast for the better part of four months, his plans were falling into place at long last. Soon, the Obsidian Crystal will be in his hands and the end game of Skull Reich will be insured. And his own plans as well…


18 hours earlier…

“Solomon Eziwa Godwin, behave yourself.” Chinoso Godwin said to his son. The pair were seated in a large hall with dozens of other parents and their own children. It was the first Sunday of December, visitation day for the families. Parents brought yummy home cooked meals to their waiting children. They would go on to discuss the affairs of classes and home life.

Chinoso Godwin was a wealthy man by inheritance. He inherited an oil field from his father. He studied abroad, graduated top of his class and went into the family business. He was a humble business man with a surprising sense of discipline. Discipline which he tried to instil in his only son after losing his wife to cancer.

“I am 16 years old Daddy. I can handle myself.” Solomon Godwin responded.

“Mr. Basil’s services are temporary, you know that.”

“I don’t need a babysitter.”

“He is your guardian.”

“He keeps checking on all my friends. He is always close-by.”

“He is doing his job. I won’t continue this conversation anymore.”

“Hey Solomon!” Charlotte said as she hugged Solomon from the back.

“Oh. Who’s your friend?” Chinoso asked, with a curious smile on his face.

“So sorry. My name is Charlotte. I am new to the school. Solomon has been a really good friend.” Charlotte said, letting go of Solomon and extending her hand to Chinoso for a handshake.

“That’s quite alright. I am Mr. Godwin, Solomon’s father.” Chinoso said, accepting the handshake. “Won’t you have a seat?”

“I would love to but my brothers… here they come.” Charlotte said.

“Hey sis, way to leave us hanging.” Alfred said as he approached the table.

“Yeah sis.” Ben said, walking alongside Alfred.

“Sorry. I was saying hello to Solomon and Solomon’s father, Mr. Godwin.” Charlotte said, gesturing to Chinoso.

“Hello Sir. Your son is simply excellent.” Ben said.

“That’s quite alright. Solomon, I must go, business calls. I will see you home in two weeks. Study hard.” Chinoso said.

“Yes Daddy.” Solomon said.

“And good bye to you three. Thank you for watching over my son.” Chinoso said.

“He is fun to hang with.” Alfred said.

Chinoso left.

“He is a nice guy.” Charlotte said.

“Sometimes.” Solomon said.

“Look at all this food, let’s sneak it in.” Ben said.


Ten minutes earlier…

“Hang tight.” Phoenix said. An emergency message had been sent from TSC squad-ABC and that was his response.

“Tanai, tell the team to prepare to mobilize. Make General Beggingson aware of the situation.” Phoenix said.

“Already done.” Tanai said. She was a floating hologram.

Two minutes later.

Chief. We are ready.” Erik said mentally.

Lock onto the alien necklace and give the coordinates to Kaori. I’m on my way.” Phoenix responded mentally.

Five minutes later.

Portal activated.” Kaori said.

Remember, this is a rescue mission.” Phoenix said as the team stepped into the void.

A voice breaks the silence-

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