Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year! 2015!

A short THANK YOU for a momentous year. Looking forward to 2015 with y'all.

Things to expect :
- World-wide release of Skull Reich in Fall 2015!
- Several short stories
- Some mad mad fun

See ya in 2015

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memoir #2

Memoir #2

The bedroom was home to Dr. Anna. The walls were gray and furniture was bare. Some parts of the walls were covered with poster of famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. The ceiling was an accurate map of the night sky with holographic stars that moved in real time. The room was lit by dim lights radiating from several holographic computer monitors that orbited the room.
There was one dressing table which possessed no make-up, instead had documents from various Top Secret Area 51 projects. The wardrobe had unfashionable clothes and lab coats. The shoe rack had one pair of heels and six pairs of flat shoes. It seemed she rejected fashion.
The room also contained a personal shower booth and toilet facilities. The bath tub wasn't too huge and her toilet sink had a mirror with a row of toothbrush and toothpaste. The tiles were white with floral emblems. A small wood-frame containing a mattress was in the centre of the room. This had a small bedside stool with a lamp as a companion. West of this was a large bookshelf with books arranged alphabetically. To the left, a long table with hundreds of papers, test tubes and microscope along with a laptop. This rested close to a small electronic telescope.
Back to the unorganized bed which held a delicate female body on its sheets. The female laid in the warm grasps of sleep in her nightgown.
One of the holographic monitors held a particular blob of text.
“Rendering complete.” Lily said. The AI was Dr. Anna’s personal office assistant. Her voice rang through the room, briefly stirring the sleeping doctor who quickly fell back to sleep.
The blob of text read :
Doctor Anna’s diary log. The team took a lot of strain on themselves during their last encounter with Skull Reich’s forces. The lunatic, Avenger, is dead. Sadly, not by Phoenix’s own hands but by one of Avenger’s own loons. Phoenix described her with the power to control her hair’s length and density. I never anticipated that other super-powered beings might exist. I must make contingencies for such future encounters.
It seems Skull Reich has achieved a measure of success in their programs. I continue to pour over the data we have acquired from Skull Reich’s databanks. They are truly ahead of modern society in every aspect. On the talk of databanks, I received word that Avenger’s base HQ was sabotaged. Fortunately, the team recovered some data beforehand which I will closely analyse. Clearly, Skull Reich is hiding something.
The battle was ferocious. My analysis, their powers are killing them slowly. Their bodies can’t handle high dosage of exhaustion. To that end, I have intensified my work into increasing efficiency of the team’s usage of their powers. New tools must be built. I will have Doctor Wong design new workout regimes that increases the team’s physical prowess more than their abilities. I will recommend meditation as well.
Tania reported something was off during the battle, like another entity took over Phoenix. This development concerns me gravely. A powerhouse such as Phoenix under control from an unknown force… I can not ponder the negative. I must work out ways of controlling the team’s powers if the need arises. I must research more into this entity that threatens the mind of Phoenix.
My research has also found that the team is losing their human DNA. I calculate that the rate the team uses their power is directly correlated to how much alien DNA they gain. My estimates for each individual is one year with regular power usage. However, their last battle dropped that time frame to eleven months. Phoenix especially. His time span is ten months. And I have not found a means to revert or stall the process. Such irony, the very thing that empowers them to godhood is the very same that dooms them.
In the months to come, there will be a lot of changes. I have requested additional staff for several ambitious future projects. Skull Reich sits on a treasure trove which must be unleashed. It is our new frontier for this era. The human race will forever be altered. For good or bad, science will lead the way.
End log.
The plans of Dr. Anna was sprawled on the little hovering hologram while the good doctor slept peacefully.


A huge tube was anchored from ceiling to floor in a corner of the room. Green fluid swished inside. An observer with keen eyes for detail will observe a near naked human body floating inside the tube. The green fluid suspended the terribly disfigured body of Mad Scientist in its’ interior. He seemed at peace, his eyes closed and a mask, breathing apparatus, covering his mouth region.
Mad Scientist hovered there in a deep trance. A microscopic look at the fluid will reveal tiny bots, nanites, hard at work attempting to fix the damage suffered by Mad Scientist. This tube was his bed, every night.
The rest of the room was bare, save for a desk in the far corner of the room. A hologram hovered above the desk with a blur of words.
Log Report compiled by Adam Kotori as dictated by Herr Verrückt von Wissenschaft.
Stage Glycon has reached fruition despite the disruptance caused by those blasted Angels. The rise and fall of Avenger allowed my experiments to go without notice to the rest of the world. Cajole was also able to plant his puppet in all the chaos as planned. Humanity, silly sheep to be willed by a powerful shepherd.
My brief chat with Darya, that Medusa, confirms my genetically-modified mutants are ready for full deployment. Field test by Specialist and Ash have provided beyond satisfactory results. I am beyond certain that my soldiers will be sufficient to squish the threat of the Angels.
Even with Fire’s death my work is not safe from disruption by infidels.
My other projects accelerate smoothly to completion. My drones tell me the Death Ray is on track and a field test is underway. As well, progress is being made on upgrades for the teleportation device. Faster mass teleportation is the goal, sonic speed is too slow and ripe for intervention especially by those cursed Angels.
The General, his royal highness, requested upgrades to military hardware. I told him that was Shadow’s job but he insisted that Shadow was too pre-occupied with the search of the Obsidian crystal and tasked me with upgrading his ever expanding forces. My solution, upgrades to our already superior battle exosuits. I will task a lowly drone to complete it. And as a bonus, I will personally oversee the construction of special troop transports for these new mecha suits.
My research on P-03735 has led me to the creation of a new drug that I am sure will interest Darya and further my research. The drug is unlike any other, based on bio-nanites which seems to reprogram the biochemistry of the brain. The drug also affects how the nerves fire electricity, thus how the entire human body is controlled. I look forward to overseeing its development and eventual deployment to cause chaos. I have set up a base in the Amazon to conduct field tests.
Our plans seem to be on track, mostly. There has been minute delays which have culminated to pushing our overall plans back a few months. The damned Angels are the cause and will suffer. I, Verrückt von Wissenschaft, swear it.
Stage Hermes begins.
And thus the mess of letters ended. A log of events and future plans.

Author’s Corner :
Hello all you lovely wonders! It has been a majestic roller coaster but the second part of the novel is sealed in this intriguing memoir. Many answers given but many more questions posed...

Spoiler - TSC returns… to boarding school?

Thanks for reading and all your support - enjoy the season!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memoir #1

Memoir #1
London, sometime after mid-night.
The city was as vibrant as ever, streets flowing with they drunks and party-goers. Some teens celebrated escaping curfew by being raunchy in their drunken state. Music blared and bodies rocked to them in clubs and pubs. One in particular stood out, Devil's Tear.
Underneath the ruckus, a big man slept alone on a spacious bed in his quarters. This familiar structure depicts him as the General. He laid lazily but strangely disciplined on the huge mattress. He had a brown singlet on with a pair of black socks to match. He stirred about in his dreams, a smile cracking on his face once in awhile.
Beside him was a small bedside-stool with a lamp on it and a notebook with a pen on its open, white, lined pages. The words on its pages were arranged in two paragraphs with the first one reading:
"Received confirmation of Jonathan Donald's death. A strange name, I will always call him Fire. At last, my enemy is dead. The American hero has fallen. However, I do not feel joy at his death. Instead, I feel emptiness. A void in my heart has opened up. I am at conflict with myself. Without a challenge like Fire, my life will certainly become duller. For Darya, I shall go on. With Fire, the only threat to our organization, gone Skull Reich moves into another vital phase over the next four weeks. I must lead it to glory, for Mother Russia".
Paragraph 2 continued:
"We are keeping a tight schedule for the next month. Darya is planning various strategies to acquire what is needed by that mad scientist for Project P-03735. The list is long and its contents are scattered all over the world. She is under pressure to perform after her last catastrophe, but that is good, she works better under pressure. I, myself, will also face challenges to ensure that the recruitment of new units goes as planned. The plan is to increase our count tenfold from ten thousand to a hundred thousand. Along the way, this will further be increased to one million. Skull Reich will be victorious and Soviet Russia shall rise once more!"
It ended there. Skull Reich's plan for the world written and stored in the General's little red notebook.


Area 51. Midnight.
All was calm, people were sleeping after all. In a small room, somewhere inside laid Phoenix. He was fast asleep in his bed, a small smile on his face and his body tucked under a white sheet.
By his bedside, was a small hand-held device. It was flat with a touch screen that radiated life. On it, a string of characters formed text readable by the human mind. A small picture sat on top the text with the tag "Phoenix's Log". The body of text below that picture read:
"So I just speak and it changes my sound to words? Okay then. Where to begin? I am Phoenix recording today's entry. I am a retired CIA agent, officially killed in action. During my last mission, a serum was used on me and it changed me to a teenager. Also granting myself and five others special abilities which are growing with each passing moment. My general physical attributes, like strength and speed, have increased dramatically. I have basic control over the element fire. While having dinner, another power manifested itself. Telepathy. But only with my teammates, who were also affected by the serum. Dr. Anna and Dr. Wong say we are all mentally intoned to each other's brainwave frequency. Theories are all we have currently, to be tested and turned into facts. Whatever little time I have left will be to hone this new features of mine."
"Things have become strange over a short time span. Just when I believed I would get some hard-earned rest, a new and dangerous organization reveal themselves and their mad plot to take over the world. With these abilities they accidentally doused me with, I will fight them and not alone."
"In the coming weeks, I have been told that we will further research and develop our abilities then undergo screening by the president himself to see if funding is necessary. Dr. Anna is already drawing up various rigorous training routines based on the data she has been able to analyze so far. This next month will be trying but I can't turn away now. I can't go back to the life I once lived, it is lost. I must keep moving forward, like my father, Tom Donald, once said 'Son, in this business, you have to remember one thing. You can change your identity and disappear but risk losing everything you ever had or will have. Never forget who you are, let your beliefs shape your choices. If you do that, you can keep your head out of the dark waters of our world and trust me, that isn't a holiday picnic'."
"I heard General Beggingson will be taking command of Area 51. It's a great move, someone who can execute plans under duress is what we need. I can only hope that while we train, Skull Reich doesn't make sudden moves."
Team XTF-112 are making preparations for a hectic period of training in preparation for Skull Reich. One month...