Monday, September 15, 2014

Bonus - The old fisherman and the Missile

Blue. Always blue. In every direction. Water for miles and miles. The Atlantic Ocean. She was a hard mistress with no sights to offer except her bounty. I stood over the starboard edge of the boat watching the net do my bidding. Ahead of me, some hundreds of miles was the coastline of New York city.
Every day for the last fifty years was the same routine every morning save Sunday. Get up before sunrise, get on Ol' Marina and sail out to the ocean for fishing.
It was all I knew how to do. Life was simple if not uneventful. Even with the threat of big corporations taking over by business. I told them to wait till I was six feet under before trying. The business has been in my family for half a dozen generations.
Today was like every other day, fish in the net and sun shining with clear blue skies glowing red with every minute. Dusk was coming... And nothing has happened.
A bright flash. Suddenly and from nowhere. It crossed the night sky. Without warning, racing across the ocean of blue.
The missile kept moving at ungodly speeds. Heading Westward toward the city. O lord.

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