Saturday, August 30, 2014

Novarean Legends

Of Origin - Rise of the Seven
The universe began with a bang! Life was an explosion. The rhythm of time began to hum, dynamics ceasing to remain dormant. The laws of physics fell into order and chaos was quelled.
Gravity acted, dust collected and galaxies formed. Whole solar systems arose and planets danced around newly formed stars. Cosmic energy ripened the ever expanding vastness.
The never ending procession of space and time.
In the fiery embrace of the void, a galaxy spun with life. One world rose steadily above the ashes. Known to its inhabitants as Kentron, in the Arche system located near the center of the Lumen galaxy.
The Arche system was home to six other “wanderers” of the skies. Their names bear no further importance than mementos.
And so, time revolved. The inhabitants of Kentron grew strong and proud under evolution’s time frame. Many species rose and called the planet their home. The major power holders were the Ekuku, the Aquamire, the Feuden, the Terrusven, the Radigon, the Silentus and the Galactum. Each with thousands of factions and shifting loyalties.
Each step along the rungs of time was a simple replay of events, a repeat of the same action, war. From it’s earliest day, the planet marked each passing age with bloodshed. Endless, boundless massacres. Each technological innovation was simply another means of battle. There simply was no end to all the madness.
Peace was fleeting. Soon, the world became too small for their endeavours and they expanded. A 1000-year race into the cosmos. And for a time, there was salvation. A new and borderless domain to conquer, riches for all. Empires grew vastly. Peace rained in transience.
But the core was fractured, its historical binders drowned red. All those eons of conflict and ignorance bore arrogance. And arrogance was the killer of reason, the blindness of fools. Even with all of space and the pinnacle of discovery to explore, the age old instinct roared to life. History repeated itself yet again… and unfathomable destruction was unleashed. Ancient resentments and old squabbles re-emerged.
Like all viruses, it spread. An era of never-ending chaos sprang to life. Hell. 100,000 years of fighting. Billions dead in the planet’s longest, senseless violence and tragedy over a long forgotten cause. All was lost, the darkest of ages.
Throughout history, a unifying key had always existed. In the dawns lost, it had united a failing planet against an early demise for the briefest of moments. Kentron, the unifying cry that brought together all factions under a single banner.
Entire lifetimes spent in the pursue of destruction and chaos. Time had caught up, the universe would have no more. And so, the sun was moving into its final stages of the end. Rei, the mighty yellow giant of the Arche system, was dying.
All wars ceased, the tools meant to maintain battles was turned to a grander goal of saving an entire planet. For the first time in millennia past, there was a reason to cherish life.
However… try as you must, the cycle of existence must roll. Birth leads to maturity and ultimately death.
All technologies and reasoning, all supposed godliness could not save the dying star. With its death, Kentron would be destroyed within an instant. Billions would die in the blink of an eye. There was nothing that could be done. Hopelessness widespread. And so, the peoples of the world cried out in unison.
A miracle.
7 lights rose out of the abyss. Seven hopes carrying within each of them the prayers of an entire planet.
On the day of “No tomorrow”, Seven guardians rose into the heavens. They flew to the rampant star and cast their spells. Halting the raging star in its path of violent destruction, too late to save the first three planets in its path. They re-ignited the failing core of Rei. Billions were saved in an instant. They were mortals who had ascended into god-dorm, a title they aye refused.
A new era, a new dawn. The Seven returned to the planet and called for immediate talks with all the heads of the most powerful factions. They demanded utter collaboration. Removed corrupt regimes, instilled the first royal and neutral family to govern the seven most powerful factions. With their efforts, the path for peace was paved. The planet was renamed Novarea, a covenant to bury old hatchets, chase new dreams and peace.

And so began the Novarean age.