Friday, July 18, 2014

Special #2 - Terror's Aftermath?

“What’s the body count?” POTUS asked. His tone suppressed the stress of the day.
The room was dark, illuminated via the faint light hue from the window. The President had requested the office like so to reflect his mood. Mere hours ago, three international airports were blown up by a radical figure calling himself Avenger. The world’s media sources replayed the horrific scenes over and over again for everyone to watch and gasp in utter horror. America was shaken, perhaps more shaken than it had been since 911 terror attacks.
“Twenty thousand and climbing.” Director Jones said. The Oval Office were occupied by the two gloomy figures of the President and Director Jones.
“In such a small amount of time, we have faced two great tragedies.”
“It is obvious they want war.”
“We haven’t even finished the last two we started a decade ago.”
“I understand sir.”
The room fell silent. The President was standing, staring out the window into the stormy abyss outside. Rain drops fell, the heavens were weeping for the thousands of innocents dead.
“What about the team?”
“Phoenix and his team have begun simultaneous raids on smaller bases.”
“I see… I’ll declare National Mourning and flag at Half-Mast.”
“The political backlash…”
“I am tired of wars. This nation is tired of wars. Any political nut, Republican or otherwise, can go to hell if they want to use these bombings as an excuse to increase military presence in the Middle East or anywhere else. Our troops need to return home. They’ve suffered enough for politics.”
“We must trust Phoenix and his team to tidy up.”
“Like we’ve always done in the past.”
“It does mean you’ll have face critics in the press.”
“I have a strategy for that as well. What of the reporter?”
“My contacts are still checking how she got information on S.R. Inc and their activities. Search and rescue operation-”
“Can be left to Phoenix as well. My gut tells me that Avenger needs her alive for something. There’s a dangerous game at play here and that worries me greatly.”
“I’ve already begun selecting recruits for the new division we spoke of.”
“Excellent. I sense the worse is yet to come.”

Lightning flashed outside the window. Plans were in motion.

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