Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals] - Oval Office, The White House

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals]  - Oval Office, The White House

“Spit it out Jones, what’s eating you?” President of the United States (POTUS) asked.
“You could very well be committing political suicide right now.” Director Nick Jones of the CIA said.
“Is it crazy to believe that there is a savior out there? Someone willing to make a path for us to follow.”
“I am a man of facts and logic.”
“As am I and yet I can sense something else at play here. A supernatural force if you will. There is a plan at work here, powers greater than ours in motion.”
“You granted one man and five other non-americans the authority to do anything.”
“I granted them freedom to face a threat without being caged by politics. Do not doubt me when I tell you, it wasn’t easy.”
“If the public get wind of this…”
“The world is entering a new phase of struggle and disaster, of change. Necessary change. I do not believe that our economic recession and so many other calamities facing us currently are mere coincides.”
“You think there is something coming? Something we can not face?”
“A war was declared on us by secret parties. And at a time where chaos looms closer. I know that there is something at work here. History repeats itself and it has shown me… a coming change approaches. Ready or not - we must face it!”

A prediction from the most powerful man in the free world. What change could possibly scare him?

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