Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals] - Oval Office, The White House

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals]  - Oval Office, The White House

“Spit it out Jones, what’s eating you?” President of the United States (POTUS) asked.
“You could very well be committing political suicide right now.” Director Nick Jones of the CIA said.
“Is it crazy to believe that there is a savior out there? Someone willing to make a path for us to follow.”
“I am a man of facts and logic.”
“As am I and yet I can sense something else at play here. A supernatural force if you will. There is a plan at work here, powers greater than ours in motion.”
“You granted one man and five other non-americans the authority to do anything.”
“I granted them freedom to face a threat without being caged by politics. Do not doubt me when I tell you, it wasn’t easy.”
“If the public get wind of this…”
“The world is entering a new phase of struggle and disaster, of change. Necessary change. I do not believe that our economic recession and so many other calamities facing us currently are mere coincides.”
“You think there is something coming? Something we can not face?”
“A war was declared on us by secret parties. And at a time where chaos looms closer. I know that there is something at work here. History repeats itself and it has shown me… a coming change approaches. Ready or not - we must face it!”

A prediction from the most powerful man in the free world. What change could possibly scare him?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Bonus Scene #2 [Age gaps and Table discussions] - Area 51 Main Mess-hall

Bonus Scene #2 [Age gaps and Table discussions] - Area 51 Main Mess-hall

“Damn Jake! Did you see that?”
“I sure did Drew! Who would’ve thought we see some of that down here!”
“I am telling you, this is like college all over again!”
“Serious mate! I call dibs!”
“No, you still owe me for hooking you up with that other chick!”
“Damn you are right. How about the next two for this one?”
“You suck at deals remember! And hell no! This one was the bomb!”
“Gentlemen, what’s with the heated tension?” A deep voice said from behind.
“Major Colin Sir! Didn’t hear you come in!” Both Jake and Drew hurriedly stood up and saluted.
“That’s alright. She was fine wasn’t she?” Major Colin said.
“Sir?” Jake and Drew asked in confusion.
“Yes she was. Too bad she is underage. And I'm sure you young fellas have better things to do than get a reprimand for something so trivia.”
“Sir!” Both me shouted then hurriedly dispersed, food trays in tow.
Major Colin thought to himself "Chloe was stirring the wrong kind of attention, have to keep an eye on her if I want this base in order."

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bonus Scene #1 [Power Struggles and Vodka] - Devil’s Tear

Bonus Scene #1 [Power Struggles and Vodka] - Devil’s Tear

“Linda, I don’t give a hoot if you are one of Darya’s angels. You work under my roof, you follow my orders.” The bartender at Devil’s Tear said.
“And so what if this bar is yours! Lady Darya carries more weight around here than you!” The blonde waitress known as Linda replied.
“Is that a fact missy? How about you go clean up before I break my broom on your face!”
“Just you dare!”
Both parties readied themselves, the bartender grabbing a bottle of vodka and the waitress pulling a concealed pen-knife from her mini-skirt.
The door leading to the basement swung open. “How about you both remember why you are here. Herbert, anger issues and Linda, insubordination.” The General said, stepping into the scene with a mug in his hand.
“Sir!” Both parties said.
“Now do your missions before I add more down time.”
“Herbert, refill.”
The agony of putting trained killers into meager jobs, goes against nature.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Blog is live!

Hello world!

Just your friendly neighbourhood writer here. I'm giving this blog thing a try to see how far the journey sails.
Currently at work on a novel titled Skull Reich, which is available at for reading -
The hope is to release daily posts about particular scenes or more information which will give the novel a greater depth.

On that note - here is to a successful blog.

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