Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year! 2015!

A short THANK YOU for a momentous year. Looking forward to 2015 with y'all.

Things to expect :
- World-wide release of Skull Reich in Fall 2015!
- Several short stories
- Some mad mad fun

See ya in 2015

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Memoir #2

Memoir #2

The bedroom was home to Dr. Anna. The walls were gray and furniture was bare. Some parts of the walls were covered with poster of famous scientists like Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton. The ceiling was an accurate map of the night sky with holographic stars that moved in real time. The room was lit by dim lights radiating from several holographic computer monitors that orbited the room.
There was one dressing table which possessed no make-up, instead had documents from various Top Secret Area 51 projects. The wardrobe had unfashionable clothes and lab coats. The shoe rack had one pair of heels and six pairs of flat shoes. It seemed she rejected fashion.
The room also contained a personal shower booth and toilet facilities. The bath tub wasn't too huge and her toilet sink had a mirror with a row of toothbrush and toothpaste. The tiles were white with floral emblems. A small wood-frame containing a mattress was in the centre of the room. This had a small bedside stool with a lamp as a companion. West of this was a large bookshelf with books arranged alphabetically. To the left, a long table with hundreds of papers, test tubes and microscope along with a laptop. This rested close to a small electronic telescope.
Back to the unorganized bed which held a delicate female body on its sheets. The female laid in the warm grasps of sleep in her nightgown.
One of the holographic monitors held a particular blob of text.
“Rendering complete.” Lily said. The AI was Dr. Anna’s personal office assistant. Her voice rang through the room, briefly stirring the sleeping doctor who quickly fell back to sleep.
The blob of text read :
Doctor Anna’s diary log. The team took a lot of strain on themselves during their last encounter with Skull Reich’s forces. The lunatic, Avenger, is dead. Sadly, not by Phoenix’s own hands but by one of Avenger’s own loons. Phoenix described her with the power to control her hair’s length and density. I never anticipated that other super-powered beings might exist. I must make contingencies for such future encounters.
It seems Skull Reich has achieved a measure of success in their programs. I continue to pour over the data we have acquired from Skull Reich’s databanks. They are truly ahead of modern society in every aspect. On the talk of databanks, I received word that Avenger’s base HQ was sabotaged. Fortunately, the team recovered some data beforehand which I will closely analyse. Clearly, Skull Reich is hiding something.
The battle was ferocious. My analysis, their powers are killing them slowly. Their bodies can’t handle high dosage of exhaustion. To that end, I have intensified my work into increasing efficiency of the team’s usage of their powers. New tools must be built. I will have Doctor Wong design new workout regimes that increases the team’s physical prowess more than their abilities. I will recommend meditation as well.
Tania reported something was off during the battle, like another entity took over Phoenix. This development concerns me gravely. A powerhouse such as Phoenix under control from an unknown force… I can not ponder the negative. I must work out ways of controlling the team’s powers if the need arises. I must research more into this entity that threatens the mind of Phoenix.
My research has also found that the team is losing their human DNA. I calculate that the rate the team uses their power is directly correlated to how much alien DNA they gain. My estimates for each individual is one year with regular power usage. However, their last battle dropped that time frame to eleven months. Phoenix especially. His time span is ten months. And I have not found a means to revert or stall the process. Such irony, the very thing that empowers them to godhood is the very same that dooms them.
In the months to come, there will be a lot of changes. I have requested additional staff for several ambitious future projects. Skull Reich sits on a treasure trove which must be unleashed. It is our new frontier for this era. The human race will forever be altered. For good or bad, science will lead the way.
End log.
The plans of Dr. Anna was sprawled on the little hovering hologram while the good doctor slept peacefully.


A huge tube was anchored from ceiling to floor in a corner of the room. Green fluid swished inside. An observer with keen eyes for detail will observe a near naked human body floating inside the tube. The green fluid suspended the terribly disfigured body of Mad Scientist in its’ interior. He seemed at peace, his eyes closed and a mask, breathing apparatus, covering his mouth region.
Mad Scientist hovered there in a deep trance. A microscopic look at the fluid will reveal tiny bots, nanites, hard at work attempting to fix the damage suffered by Mad Scientist. This tube was his bed, every night.
The rest of the room was bare, save for a desk in the far corner of the room. A hologram hovered above the desk with a blur of words.
Log Report compiled by Adam Kotori as dictated by Herr Verrückt von Wissenschaft.
Stage Glycon has reached fruition despite the disruptance caused by those blasted Angels. The rise and fall of Avenger allowed my experiments to go without notice to the rest of the world. Cajole was also able to plant his puppet in all the chaos as planned. Humanity, silly sheep to be willed by a powerful shepherd.
My brief chat with Darya, that Medusa, confirms my genetically-modified mutants are ready for full deployment. Field test by Specialist and Ash have provided beyond satisfactory results. I am beyond certain that my soldiers will be sufficient to squish the threat of the Angels.
Even with Fire’s death my work is not safe from disruption by infidels.
My other projects accelerate smoothly to completion. My drones tell me the Death Ray is on track and a field test is underway. As well, progress is being made on upgrades for the teleportation device. Faster mass teleportation is the goal, sonic speed is too slow and ripe for intervention especially by those cursed Angels.
The General, his royal highness, requested upgrades to military hardware. I told him that was Shadow’s job but he insisted that Shadow was too pre-occupied with the search of the Obsidian crystal and tasked me with upgrading his ever expanding forces. My solution, upgrades to our already superior battle exosuits. I will task a lowly drone to complete it. And as a bonus, I will personally oversee the construction of special troop transports for these new mecha suits.
My research on P-03735 has led me to the creation of a new drug that I am sure will interest Darya and further my research. The drug is unlike any other, based on bio-nanites which seems to reprogram the biochemistry of the brain. The drug also affects how the nerves fire electricity, thus how the entire human body is controlled. I look forward to overseeing its development and eventual deployment to cause chaos. I have set up a base in the Amazon to conduct field tests.
Our plans seem to be on track, mostly. There has been minute delays which have culminated to pushing our overall plans back a few months. The damned Angels are the cause and will suffer. I, Verrückt von Wissenschaft, swear it.
Stage Hermes begins.
And thus the mess of letters ended. A log of events and future plans.

Author’s Corner :
Hello all you lovely wonders! It has been a majestic roller coaster but the second part of the novel is sealed in this intriguing memoir. Many answers given but many more questions posed...

Spoiler - TSC returns… to boarding school?

Thanks for reading and all your support - enjoy the season!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Memoir #1

Memoir #1
London, sometime after mid-night.
The city was as vibrant as ever, streets flowing with they drunks and party-goers. Some teens celebrated escaping curfew by being raunchy in their drunken state. Music blared and bodies rocked to them in clubs and pubs. One in particular stood out, Devil's Tear.
Underneath the ruckus, a big man slept alone on a spacious bed in his quarters. This familiar structure depicts him as the General. He laid lazily but strangely disciplined on the huge mattress. He had a brown singlet on with a pair of black socks to match. He stirred about in his dreams, a smile cracking on his face once in awhile.
Beside him was a small bedside-stool with a lamp on it and a notebook with a pen on its open, white, lined pages. The words on its pages were arranged in two paragraphs with the first one reading:
"Received confirmation of Jonathan Donald's death. A strange name, I will always call him Fire. At last, my enemy is dead. The American hero has fallen. However, I do not feel joy at his death. Instead, I feel emptiness. A void in my heart has opened up. I am at conflict with myself. Without a challenge like Fire, my life will certainly become duller. For Darya, I shall go on. With Fire, the only threat to our organization, gone Skull Reich moves into another vital phase over the next four weeks. I must lead it to glory, for Mother Russia".
Paragraph 2 continued:
"We are keeping a tight schedule for the next month. Darya is planning various strategies to acquire what is needed by that mad scientist for Project P-03735. The list is long and its contents are scattered all over the world. She is under pressure to perform after her last catastrophe, but that is good, she works better under pressure. I, myself, will also face challenges to ensure that the recruitment of new units goes as planned. The plan is to increase our count tenfold from ten thousand to a hundred thousand. Along the way, this will further be increased to one million. Skull Reich will be victorious and Soviet Russia shall rise once more!"
It ended there. Skull Reich's plan for the world written and stored in the General's little red notebook.


Area 51. Midnight.
All was calm, people were sleeping after all. In a small room, somewhere inside laid Phoenix. He was fast asleep in his bed, a small smile on his face and his body tucked under a white sheet.
By his bedside, was a small hand-held device. It was flat with a touch screen that radiated life. On it, a string of characters formed text readable by the human mind. A small picture sat on top the text with the tag "Phoenix's Log". The body of text below that picture read:
"So I just speak and it changes my sound to words? Okay then. Where to begin? I am Phoenix recording today's entry. I am a retired CIA agent, officially killed in action. During my last mission, a serum was used on me and it changed me to a teenager. Also granting myself and five others special abilities which are growing with each passing moment. My general physical attributes, like strength and speed, have increased dramatically. I have basic control over the element fire. While having dinner, another power manifested itself. Telepathy. But only with my teammates, who were also affected by the serum. Dr. Anna and Dr. Wong say we are all mentally intoned to each other's brainwave frequency. Theories are all we have currently, to be tested and turned into facts. Whatever little time I have left will be to hone this new features of mine."
"Things have become strange over a short time span. Just when I believed I would get some hard-earned rest, a new and dangerous organization reveal themselves and their mad plot to take over the world. With these abilities they accidentally doused me with, I will fight them and not alone."
"In the coming weeks, I have been told that we will further research and develop our abilities then undergo screening by the president himself to see if funding is necessary. Dr. Anna is already drawing up various rigorous training routines based on the data she has been able to analyze so far. This next month will be trying but I can't turn away now. I can't go back to the life I once lived, it is lost. I must keep moving forward, like my father, Tom Donald, once said 'Son, in this business, you have to remember one thing. You can change your identity and disappear but risk losing everything you ever had or will have. Never forget who you are, let your beliefs shape your choices. If you do that, you can keep your head out of the dark waters of our world and trust me, that isn't a holiday picnic'."
"I heard General Beggingson will be taking command of Area 51. It's a great move, someone who can execute plans under duress is what we need. I can only hope that while we train, Skull Reich doesn't make sudden moves."
Team XTF-112 are making preparations for a hectic period of training in preparation for Skull Reich. One month...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A salute to heroes - Remembrance day 2014

Stars and Medals
Awards and Decorations
Society's great peddles
As congratulations
For being saviours

Courage and Honour
Bravery and Valour

Remember the fallen
Spread far and wide
Like plant pollen
Service worldwide
Fosters of hope

They march on
Like superheroes
Challenging prenotions

A salute to heroes

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bonus - Missile and Poker night


“And that boys, is how you win at poker.” John said as he showed his winning hand. He was on a lucky streak tonight.
A series of “come on, shit” escaped the mouths of half a dozen men. The night was turning to daylight, fast. Consoles with big screens, dim lights and the faint scent of sweaty men marked the room. It was the late night shift, and nothing had happened.
John got up from his chair, he wanted to use the washroom. “Double or nothing, what do you say fellas?” He said smuggling. John was in his late 60s, hitting retirement age barely.
“Hey John, there’s something weird happening on screen.” said Bob, a young man and first week on the job.
“What rookie? It’s probably nothing, some of these machines are older than your mom.” John said, securing a laughter from the other four men who edged around 50.
“The object is coming from the east, with speeds exceeding an ICBM.” Bob said once more.
“Which is impossible, nothing is that fast. Check the Russians, if they haven’t launched then it is nothing.” John said.
*Ring ring* A phone went off. John, with a puzzled look on his face, went towards the phone and answered. His face changed from relaxed to utter alert in the blink of an eye.
“Yes sir!” John said, then dropped the call.
“Sound the alert. We are under attack. DEFCON has been raised to Level 3.” John shouted.
“I am tracking missile route.” Bob said.
“Where son?”
“My god…”
“What? What!”
“It’s New York sir, it is heading for New York!”
The dread in the room was unfathomable...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bonus - The old fisherman and the Missile

Blue. Always blue. In every direction. Water for miles and miles. The Atlantic Ocean. She was a hard mistress with no sights to offer except her bounty. I stood over the starboard edge of the boat watching the net do my bidding. Ahead of me, some hundreds of miles was the coastline of New York city.
Every day for the last fifty years was the same routine every morning save Sunday. Get up before sunrise, get on Ol' Marina and sail out to the ocean for fishing.
It was all I knew how to do. Life was simple if not uneventful. Even with the threat of big corporations taking over by business. I told them to wait till I was six feet under before trying. The business has been in my family for half a dozen generations.
Today was like every other day, fish in the net and sun shining with clear blue skies glowing red with every minute. Dusk was coming... And nothing has happened.
A bright flash. Suddenly and from nowhere. It crossed the night sky. Without warning, racing across the ocean of blue.
The missile kept moving at ungodly speeds. Heading Westward toward the city. O lord.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Skull Reich teaser #1 (Wattpad Teaser)

Skull Reich teaser #1 (Wattpad Teaser)

Novarean Legends

Of Legend - Guardians or Gods?

Darkness conquered
Hope was at a loss
The strong faltered
Dreams fell at a toss

The day of no tomorrow
A day of pure sorrow
Despair sang the sparrow

Seven lights raced
Their streaks marked the sky
Billions of hearts paced
Hope cast its dye

Powerful beings rose
At the hour of need
Stopping the raging star’s dose
An incredulous deed

Gods they were not
Immortals they refused
Seven Guardians they chose

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Novarean Legends

Of Origin - Rise of the Seven
The universe began with a bang! Life was an explosion. The rhythm of time began to hum, dynamics ceasing to remain dormant. The laws of physics fell into order and chaos was quelled.
Gravity acted, dust collected and galaxies formed. Whole solar systems arose and planets danced around newly formed stars. Cosmic energy ripened the ever expanding vastness.
The never ending procession of space and time.
In the fiery embrace of the void, a galaxy spun with life. One world rose steadily above the ashes. Known to its inhabitants as Kentron, in the Arche system located near the center of the Lumen galaxy.
The Arche system was home to six other “wanderers” of the skies. Their names bear no further importance than mementos.
And so, time revolved. The inhabitants of Kentron grew strong and proud under evolution’s time frame. Many species rose and called the planet their home. The major power holders were the Ekuku, the Aquamire, the Feuden, the Terrusven, the Radigon, the Silentus and the Galactum. Each with thousands of factions and shifting loyalties.
Each step along the rungs of time was a simple replay of events, a repeat of the same action, war. From it’s earliest day, the planet marked each passing age with bloodshed. Endless, boundless massacres. Each technological innovation was simply another means of battle. There simply was no end to all the madness.
Peace was fleeting. Soon, the world became too small for their endeavours and they expanded. A 1000-year race into the cosmos. And for a time, there was salvation. A new and borderless domain to conquer, riches for all. Empires grew vastly. Peace rained in transience.
But the core was fractured, its historical binders drowned red. All those eons of conflict and ignorance bore arrogance. And arrogance was the killer of reason, the blindness of fools. Even with all of space and the pinnacle of discovery to explore, the age old instinct roared to life. History repeated itself yet again… and unfathomable destruction was unleashed. Ancient resentments and old squabbles re-emerged.
Like all viruses, it spread. An era of never-ending chaos sprang to life. Hell. 100,000 years of fighting. Billions dead in the planet’s longest, senseless violence and tragedy over a long forgotten cause. All was lost, the darkest of ages.
Throughout history, a unifying key had always existed. In the dawns lost, it had united a failing planet against an early demise for the briefest of moments. Kentron, the unifying cry that brought together all factions under a single banner.
Entire lifetimes spent in the pursue of destruction and chaos. Time had caught up, the universe would have no more. And so, the sun was moving into its final stages of the end. Rei, the mighty yellow giant of the Arche system, was dying.
All wars ceased, the tools meant to maintain battles was turned to a grander goal of saving an entire planet. For the first time in millennia past, there was a reason to cherish life.
However… try as you must, the cycle of existence must roll. Birth leads to maturity and ultimately death.
All technologies and reasoning, all supposed godliness could not save the dying star. With its death, Kentron would be destroyed within an instant. Billions would die in the blink of an eye. There was nothing that could be done. Hopelessness widespread. And so, the peoples of the world cried out in unison.
A miracle.
7 lights rose out of the abyss. Seven hopes carrying within each of them the prayers of an entire planet.
On the day of “No tomorrow”, Seven guardians rose into the heavens. They flew to the rampant star and cast their spells. Halting the raging star in its path of violent destruction, too late to save the first three planets in its path. They re-ignited the failing core of Rei. Billions were saved in an instant. They were mortals who had ascended into god-dorm, a title they aye refused.
A new era, a new dawn. The Seven returned to the planet and called for immediate talks with all the heads of the most powerful factions. They demanded utter collaboration. Removed corrupt regimes, instilled the first royal and neutral family to govern the seven most powerful factions. With their efforts, the path for peace was paved. The planet was renamed Novarea, a covenant to bury old hatchets, chase new dreams and peace.

And so began the Novarean age.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Special #2 - Terror's Aftermath?

“What’s the body count?” POTUS asked. His tone suppressed the stress of the day.
The room was dark, illuminated via the faint light hue from the window. The President had requested the office like so to reflect his mood. Mere hours ago, three international airports were blown up by a radical figure calling himself Avenger. The world’s media sources replayed the horrific scenes over and over again for everyone to watch and gasp in utter horror. America was shaken, perhaps more shaken than it had been since 911 terror attacks.
“Twenty thousand and climbing.” Director Jones said. The Oval Office were occupied by the two gloomy figures of the President and Director Jones.
“In such a small amount of time, we have faced two great tragedies.”
“It is obvious they want war.”
“We haven’t even finished the last two we started a decade ago.”
“I understand sir.”
The room fell silent. The President was standing, staring out the window into the stormy abyss outside. Rain drops fell, the heavens were weeping for the thousands of innocents dead.
“What about the team?”
“Phoenix and his team have begun simultaneous raids on smaller bases.”
“I see… I’ll declare National Mourning and flag at Half-Mast.”
“The political backlash…”
“I am tired of wars. This nation is tired of wars. Any political nut, Republican or otherwise, can go to hell if they want to use these bombings as an excuse to increase military presence in the Middle East or anywhere else. Our troops need to return home. They’ve suffered enough for politics.”
“We must trust Phoenix and his team to tidy up.”
“Like we’ve always done in the past.”
“It does mean you’ll have face critics in the press.”
“I have a strategy for that as well. What of the reporter?”
“My contacts are still checking how she got information on S.R. Inc and their activities. Search and rescue operation-”
“Can be left to Phoenix as well. My gut tells me that Avenger needs her alive for something. There’s a dangerous game at play here and that worries me greatly.”
“I’ve already begun selecting recruits for the new division we spoke of.”
“Excellent. I sense the worse is yet to come.”

Lightning flashed outside the window. Plans were in motion.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Special #3 - Mission Brief TSC

“You have the codes, open secure communication channel.” Phoenix said.
He was inside his private tent. The air held dust particles and the stench of the desert. The hot wind would rustle the tent then relent, repeating this cycle endlessly. Phoenix said on a chair, his face illuminated by the glow of Tanai’s projection. He was dressed for battle, dark leather jacket on his shoulders, gloved hands and red shades on his face.
“Secure channel established.” Tanai said.
“Make the call. Activate one-sided blinds.” Phoenix said. He looked around his tent while Tanai made old dial-up noises. His mind argued with itself. The issue was simple, should he reveal his identity?
“This is squad ABC, what is our mission?” a male voice said. Three shadowed holograms stood on the table.
“Standard recon, mission named Watchers-ABC.” Phoenix said. “File is being sent.”
A few seconds passed.
“Just recon?” Another shadow asked.
“Yes.” Phoenix responded. He understood the boredom in the voice.
“We are an action squad. Recon missions are not part of that spectrum.” The other male shadow said.
“It is now cub.” Phoenix said. It has to be done.
“Excuse me?” A female voice asked.
“Cubs Alfred, Ben and Charlotte.” Phoenix said.
“Who is this?” One male shadow asked.
“Who else?” Phoenix asked.
“The dead do not speak.” The shadow said.
“Unless they are really dead.” Phoenix responded. Alfred was using the code.
“Fire? No way! Sir! It can’t be you! I watched your entire funeral halfway across the world.” Alfred said.
“Sir! I am so happy you are alive! What happened? How are you still alive?” Charlotte asked.
“Simply impossible, how is it you aren’t dead? The entire nation, no, the entire world watched your burial.” Ben asked.
The questions kept coming. Phoenix held his head for a bit then spoke. “Eyes on the ball.”
The room fell silent.
“The truth will be revealed later. There’s a mission right now.” Phoenix said.
“Yes sir!” All three shadows said.
“Your mission is the reconnaisse of two mysterious objects. You’ll most likely be undercover for the duration of this mission. The file contains the rest of the briefing.” Phoenix said.
“How would we know what to look for?” Ben asked.
“Sketches of the objects are included. As well as coordinates and subjects to observe.” Phoenix said.
“What makes them so special?” Alfred asks.
“That’s your job.” Phoenix answers. “Necessary funds have been released to your bank accounts. As usual you have full autonomy on the mission. I expect a report in one week.”
“Yes sir!” All three responded.
“Mission greenlighted. Godspeed.” Phoenix said. He cut the communications, killing the only source of light in the tent. He lay on his bed and slept. He needed rest for his own mission, taking down Avenger’s main base, which began in nine hours.

As Phoenix slept, he dreamt. His dreams were filled with a fury of flames. He stood alone, surrounded by smothering heat. He skin burned, his flesh cracked replaced by hard scales.
“Embrace my power, it is your only salvation.” A deep voice said. All of a sudden, Phoenix was baptized in fire. His face was replaced with that of a beast.

Knock Knock, time is up -

Friday, April 11, 2014

Aiden's Rise {LOTS Prequel}

Aiden's Rise

To live is to grow,
To grow is to live,
Let go and Stand tall.

“Hold on and don’t let go” The sure voice of the little boy shouted through gritted teeth. His right hand dangled, extended over a cliff edge grasping at the hand of a boy much older and much heavier. Across the landscape, a well built man galloped on horseback whispering to himself “I am coming Aiden, hold on.”

A few moments ago…

Aiden’s POV : Scene I

We were walking. Step by step. Walking. Aimless too. The morning sun’s searing gaze pierces our backs. My watch reads ten in the morning, but it felt later in the day. There are seven of us. Seven kids lost in the middle of nowhere. The forest twisted at odd angles, each step took away signs of civilization. We had been walking for over an hour. We walked a straight path behind John.
“You pipsqueaks are making this worse.” The city boy complained. Named John, he was the oldest, early twenties, and suited to life in the busy metropolis.
“Oh ya? Wanna go again? I promise to whack the lights out this time you big dummy.” Jill piped in. She was a real country girl and fourteen of age.
“As a matter of fact, you are both wrong. Who appointed either of you leader? We should be heading North, there’s a town there.” Joanna said. She was twelve but had the mouth of a scholar, a very pompous one too.
“Shut up you girlies, before I whack the both of ya.” Jerry said. Thirteen but built like a seventeen year old. Typical class bully, prying on the physically inferior.
“I want my mommy. My feet hurt.” Jessica said. A little girl of seven and treated as a princess by her folks which gave her an unhealthy attitude.
Jones, the last boy in our group, moved behind just as I. He seemed two years my junior. I suspect his dark skin tone was the cause of his silence. Or maybe just shy. Although we walked at the same pace, we didn’t exchange much of a conversation.
Eldr, my German Shephard of a dozen years, walked by my side. He was old and quiet as well. We shared the same birthday, dad said he will teach me things about life. So far, he taught me how to grow up, mom always said I was wiser than kids my age. I am a farm boy who was home educated by brilliant parents. I spent more time doing physical training and studying than playing.
These were my group of misfits. Although it was obvious to me that we were indeed going the wrong direction, as Joanna had pointed, I didn’t feel the need to speak up. These were a bunch of strangers after all and I, a mere boy of barely twelve, most likely wouldn’t be heard much less respected. From my calculation, since the sunlight shone from the south then tree moss grew on the north side of plants and rocks. Therefore, we were heading south. The wrong direction.
If only dad were here, we would have already been out by now. Whenever he returned from the war zone, we spent time boxing or wrestling. He told me that “growth comes wanted or not”, then proceeded to toss me into a mud pit for our evening brawl.
I followed, observing our environment as we transgressed deeper into the woods. Mud grounds and slippery rocks, it had rained lately. The reason we began this strange adventure in the first place was because of the rain. Seven random children stood on an old wooden bridge in need of repairs. I blame myself for not containing my excitement at the raging river below. The rapids surged and the air smelt of mist, it was beautiful. But the bridge couldn’t support the weight of many people while battling the rapids below, which had increased due to the previous rain.
I snapped back to reality as the little girl yelped in pain. Jessica had stabbed her toe on a slippery stone as she dragged her feet across the mud. We focused our gaze on the little girl who howled in agony.

Aiden’s Father’s POV : Scene II

That scream… couldn’t be… thought I had lost them. I gallop in the direction of the scream. Praying. Hoping that it isn’t too late. As a soldier, I learned timing is everything.
This is all my fault, I let him out of my sight for a brief moment and the bridge collapsed. My heart beat harder than I ever thought possible. But, I am glad Eldr was close by. He chased after Aiden as the bridge collapsed, loyalty as such is rare in this chaotic world.
The wind rustles my hair as my trusty stead brings me ever closer to my son. Hooves pound into the wet forest ground, weary of rocks. Trees reduce my visibility tremendously but I can still track their prints. The air smells of wet green leaves and the sun beats down my back. Reminds me of the war zone before chaos erupts. All around, the forest is alive with strange noises.
*GROWL* No, it can’t be. Not here, not now. That sound belonged to a grizzly bear. My heart clenches as my mind runs through several worse case scenarios. The mutilated body of my son. No. I urge the horse to go faster and ever faster. I must get to my boy and fast. My battlefield anxieties start kicking in. Hold on Aiden.

Aiden’s POV : Scene III

Eldr’s ears tingle, he hears better than I do. So I listen.
That sound… “Quiet. Listen.” I urged, fingers to lips hushing.
“What now turd?” Jerry asked.
“That growl…” I say, glancing over everyone’s reaction.
“Mere figment of your imagination.” Joanna said in a matter of fact tone.
*GROWL* Everyone heard that.
“I’m outta here lassies!” John said as he took off running. Everyone scrambled in haste after him. Jill carried little Jessica. No no no, stupid mistake. Jones stared at me.
“What do you think?” Jones asked.
“You’ll listen to me?” I asked, puzzled.
“I am in the boy scouts and I know we are going the wrong way.” He responded. “But you seem fairly confident.”
“I see. We better catch up to the others and work a plan.”
Something about him just clicks with me in a strange way.
We both race through the terrain, sailing past the trees.
*HELP!* Someone shouts. The voice belongs to John, that idiot ran without looking. I dashed faster than Jones, it helped that I was more naturally fit than kids my age. My father told me my natural strength and speed are great gifts, a miracle of genetics.
Eldr and I approach a small opening in the woods where the others congregate. A cliff, dead end.
“What happened?” I ask as I approach the group.
“The moron ran straight to the edge and now he won’t grab on.” Jill said. She held a stick over the edge to the petrified John.
“I think my leg is broken! Send a medic!” John whined.
I peered over the edge, he had fallen on a log surface that stuck outwards. He had limited leg room to navigate. Doesn’t seem urgent.
“Stay still, we will get you soon.” I said. I bent stretched my hands to reach him.
*GROWL* sound escaped behind us. Fear suddenly froze the air. I turned slowly and faced the brown beast. It was large and menacing, slowly walking towards us with teeth glaring. She walked on all fours, towering above us still.
Jessica released a gut-wrenching scream. The bear responded with an ear-ringing growl. I have to think and fast. What would dad do if he were here?
My mind jumps through time to one of our many adventures in the great outdoors as he taught me survival skills and sparring techniques. He said “remember, when facing any opponent who is physically imposing you must stand firm. Do not waiver, do not falter. Show no weaknesses. Take charge.” Then he hit my legs with his bo (stick), knocking me down. I responded by barrel rolling from his next attack then striking at his legs.

Back to the current moment.
“Hold on and don’t let go” I shouted to John.
“Are you crazy kid? I ain’t coming back up there.” He retorted.
“I will leave you here for the bear to play with. How long do you think that log can hold you?”
John then looked solemnly at the log and noticed cracks forming.
“Grab on and trust me.”
“What about the bear? Which is literally a few feet away!” Joanna asked.
Time slowed, my head started formulating a plan. A crazy one too. Priorities, we needed a distraction. We needed a way out. John needed to be rescued. Being on the low ground wasn’t safe. I glanced around swiftly and noticed a small side trail. Might work. Two injured though… hmm…
“Here’s the plan. I am gonna pull John up. Jill and Jerry, stand on each side of the bear and make loud sounds to confuse her while I pull him up. Jones, scout ahead. There’s a path that leads out of here, follow it and come back if it’s safe. Joanna, give me a hand. Jessica, stay by my side.”
“Why should I listen to you?” Jerry asked.
“So you can live.” I responded, glaring him straight in the eyes. “Now move.” The plan sprung into action.
Jill and Jerry waved their hands above their heads and shouted loudly. Eldr seemed to understand the plan as well, smart as always. He ran around the great bear, teasing her. The grizzly was distracted. With the combined effort of Joanna, I was able to tug John out of there just as the log gave way.
“The path is clear, lets go!” Jones said as he ran back.
*GROWL* the bear shouted once more. Distraction over. It lunged for Jill suddenly. She docked out of the way. It swiped at her again… but I was already up, running straight towards the bear. Like a pro-footballer, I rammed into her side. The combined momentum of Eldr and my force was enough to overcome her half-ton mass, pushing her on side and smashing her into a tree.
“Jones, lead them out.” I shouted.
“What about you?” He asked.
Eldr barked and followed Jones.

Aiden’s Father’s POV : Scene IV

I heard a large growl. I was running on my feet, the woods were too thick for a horse to get through. I followed the huge paw prints left by the grizzly. She was running too. I heard a large thud, something had crashed into a tree as many trees shook in front of me. What was happening I wonder…
Hastily, I leaped up a tree. Swinging from a branch, I stared ahead. Six little heads were fleeing a large brown figure. Needed more visual. I unpacked my compact binoculars quickly. Looking through in the direction of the commotion. I swallowed my heart as it raced up my throat. What I saw scared me beyond my wildest terrors in the battlefield. Just like my first battle zone, I froze in utter horror.

Aiden’s POV : Scene V

I needed to keep her busy and lead her away from the others. I picked up some stones and tossed them in her direction. She growled and rose from the ground, I was staring down the barrel of beast with large muscles. She ran after me and I fled deeper into the woods.
I wondered why she had attacked or felt threatened. Then, as I sprinted down the path I noticed something. Most of the trees had been marked. The grizzly had been rubbing her back on the trees, marking her territory. She was threatened, I had to lure her away and get the others out of her land.
Why hasn’t dad acted yet? He is usually everywhere… No, I can’t think about him now. I have to man up and take charge. I scan around for tools, weapons, anything. Trees. More trees. Bee. Bees! Bees make honey.
Honey! Bears like honey. I remember a book dad gave me detailing surviving encounters with wild animals, bears like food. I just have to get her less interested in me. I quickly climb a tree close by. Soon, the bear is scraping at the tree bark below me. She stands on her two legs and swings at me. I’m on the highest stable tree branch. I focus on a branch on the next tree. The distance isn’t much… but it’s far. My heart clenches for a second. Then, I tense my muscles and jump.
My father told me, he named me Aiden because it means little fire in Irish. I laughed before but now I know why. I rise when challenged, just as flames rise when blown by strong winds.
I landed on the branch securely. The bear followed below. She spotted the honey. I pushed it downwards, right in front of her face. She grabbed at it. Then, I ran. Swinging from branch to branch, I fled the scene.

Aiden’s Father’s POV : Scene VI

I can’t believe he did it. All on his own. He escaped death’s grips with his ingenuity alone. He has grown up… Truly, there is no greater honor than seeing a boy become a man. I know he is special. Stronger, faster and smarter than boys his age. I have been gifted a truly wonderful boy.
My heart stops racing, my head clears and I smile greatly. I trust him more… He will find his way out of here. I just need to watch.
I whistle, signalling my horse to come forth. He arrives and we ride to the end of the journey. It was past two in the afternoon and the sun was relentless. However I am joyed, I know where Aiden will lead his group to, I just need to wait and let him grow.

Aiden’s POV : Scene VII

I can’t believe I did it. I finally cleared the trees and followed the trail after the others. Soon enough I caught up. Everyone was astounded and beaming with energy. Eldr ran towards me and I greeted his kisses with my face. I looked at the group, they seemed to have bonded over the traumatic experience. Albeit it was a shaky bond, but it was needed right now.
“You actually pulled it off you little thud. Thanks for back there.” John said. He was supported by Jill.
“Of course he did, I knew he was a tough kid.” Jill said. She was smiling.
“How?” Joanna asked. Her face was priceless.
“Honey.” I responded. She looked clueless but her face was quickly flushed with comprehension.
“Well done short stuff. I could have handled it though, just saying.” Jerry said.
“Thank you.” Jessica said with a large grin. She was being carried by Jerry.
“What now, lion?” Jones asked. He was beaming with an unusual energy.
“Lion?” I asked, perplexed.
“Well, you became a roaring lion when we needed you.” Jones retorted.
I laughed for a bit then said “Sure, snake.”
He looked confused then laughed even more.
“I’ll take point, we head north and should strike a town soon enough. Any questions?”
The group simply lined up behind me and smiled. I walked ahead. We walked for a bit, I noticed something on the ground. The mark of fresh horse hooves on the muddy ground. I recognized the markings and simply smiled.
We crossed a shallow point in the river into a small town. The journey was over.

A few hours later…

Aiden’s POV : Scene VIII

He was smiling, riding his horse. Good old dad. The other kids were safe, rejoined with their folks. It was already evening, the sun dipped into the sky painting it with a red glow.
“You were there.” I told him.
He smiled, saying “Yes.” He allowed me onto the horse.
“But you did nothing…” I asked, perplexed.
“Because you could handle it.”
“Jonathan Aiden Donald, know this.” He turned and faced me, eye to eye. “I will always be watching, always.”
I was bewildered, but smiled profoundly. “Thanks dad.” I never felt prouder than in that single moment.
We rode off, Eldr running by our side.
“Don’t tell your mother.” He said. We both laughed...

Dedicated to a dear old and long gone friend.

Author’s Corner:

This short story is set in a storyverse based in the series “Legend of the Seven”. The first book in the series is available freely on the web, titled “Skull Reich” and readable on (
This short story, along with many other works of the writer, can also be found online at

Published in hardcover journal - Outside the Margins : Creative Writers Society Journal Volume 1 based in Red Deer College, Canada.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals] - Oval Office, The White House

Bonus Scene #3 [Saviors and Mortals]  - Oval Office, The White House

“Spit it out Jones, what’s eating you?” President of the United States (POTUS) asked.
“You could very well be committing political suicide right now.” Director Nick Jones of the CIA said.
“Is it crazy to believe that there is a savior out there? Someone willing to make a path for us to follow.”
“I am a man of facts and logic.”
“As am I and yet I can sense something else at play here. A supernatural force if you will. There is a plan at work here, powers greater than ours in motion.”
“You granted one man and five other non-americans the authority to do anything.”
“I granted them freedom to face a threat without being caged by politics. Do not doubt me when I tell you, it wasn’t easy.”
“If the public get wind of this…”
“The world is entering a new phase of struggle and disaster, of change. Necessary change. I do not believe that our economic recession and so many other calamities facing us currently are mere coincides.”
“You think there is something coming? Something we can not face?”
“A war was declared on us by secret parties. And at a time where chaos looms closer. I know that there is something at work here. History repeats itself and it has shown me… a coming change approaches. Ready or not - we must face it!”

A prediction from the most powerful man in the free world. What change could possibly scare him?